lørdag 28. mai 2011

Trying out new tracking system

I'm trying out a new service. We can be followed realtime at Endomondo. A free service for workouts and activeties. Here you will also find previously logged trips.

fredag 27. mai 2011

SY Storm Norheimsund - Asker

SY Storm is going back home to Vollen for a little TLC

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Hardanger fartøyvernsenter

Problems solved

Diesel system cleaned and primed. Key issue was primary filter.......

Thomas is driving down and he and Ben will take it from here, now that the issues have been solved. They plan to stop by Lyngør Seilmaker verksted on their way up the coast. David, Jol Stein and I will take his car back to Asker.

Rig tune

Diesel filter

There is a limit to what you ask from a filter! Difficult to get at and often neglected......

torsdag 26. mai 2011

Safely tied up Mandal

Engine guy coming on board on tomorrow morning.

When all else fails

OK so engine fails, no problem, this is a sailing boat. Seam rips in headsail. A little limiting. As we chat with SAR the main rips. OK, come and get us please.

Bad angles

We're crawling our way around. We'll just keep at it until the forcasted wind change this evening.
Check out our track here.

Beating E ward

Engine stopped just after rounding Lindesnes. We think it is fuel pump problem. E wind picking up and sailing is possible. Chucking along at over 6 knots, not necessarily at the mark. Presently headed for Denmark

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Passerer Lindesnes

Stille og rolig. Litt yr i luften.

Approaching Lista

No wind. Cloud cover.

onsdag 25. mai 2011

Started engine

Wind dropped and we were slopping around. Tried motorsailing with only main but had to take it down. Old slop from a heavy low which passed by to the N out W. Not my favorite.
Course for Lista. Slightly overcast with dark stuff over land. All is well......

Jærens rev

Good reach to Jærens rev whereupon the wind ebates and seas get sloppy. Grab some food and contemplate starting engine.

Ready for takeoff

Topped up with diesel 100 l. and put up sail with 2 reefs and the jib. Good balance. Heading straight S with a fresh breeze from abeam. Sunshine.

tirsdag 24. mai 2011

Still waiting.......

10 minutes later we were hit by a hail storm. West coast weather.......!

Still blowing out there

Hopefully the seas will have settled down a bit by tomorrow morning.


Velfortjent kaffe pause etter septikk systemet er overhalt og i orden. :-)
A well deserved break after the septic system has been overhauled.


Lavtrykket er i ferd med å passere.
Sorry about that, he low has passed N ward.

mandag 23. mai 2011

Waiting it out in Skudeneshavn

Letting a S gale pass before continuing on Wednesday sparrow fart. Skudeneshavn is not the worst place to spend a couple of days.
Doing a few odd jobs to fill the time.
Something very comforting about being tucked away in a secure harbour while the wind is shaking the ship.

søndag 22. mai 2011

Depart Haugesund

Wind on the nose we shall see if it veers W at the end Karmøy around midnight.

Arrived rendezvous Haugesund

Sletta was barely passable. Thank goodness it was blowing from the S and not W.

David and Jol on board. Will shoot for weather window. 2 reefs and jib should do.

Underway again

We get off the fish farm at 05:15. The whole thing had shifted in the night. Nothing for us to worry about as the owner was tied up there as well. A fascinating man who was on board for a late night chat. Ben and he shared many common friends.....

Motor down the fjord battered by frequent squalls. From the S, so slightly off the bow. We should make the rendevous with the UK crew addition, David and Jol, in Haugesund. They land at 14:30.

Stein at the helm.

lørdag 21. mai 2011

Tied up Sild

Decided to take a break now and here instead of getting to Haugeund way too early. Tied up to a disused fish farm tucked away from the wind. We had a long drive to get this side of the rock.

Cast off!

Fllled diesel and provisioned. Motoring out the fjord. Overcast and a slight breeze. Wind freshened along the way, on the nose as expected. Ben served up a wonderful moose stew. Wonderfully spiced! "You feel it when it goes down, and on the way out." We shall see.

On board

The crew will consist of: Stein, Ben and myself from Norheimsund. David and Jol will join in Haugesund off a flight from UK.

Over the top of Norway

On our way to the pickup