tirsdag 21. juni 2016

Grand Banks


All well on board!

Sun 19 Jun
Steady conditions, not much is demanded of us so we act accordingly. Eating up the miles.
21:45 Another day draws to a close. SB reaching. Not a cloud in sight… and yes, yet another flaming sunset with a full moon in attendance.
Dinner consumed and dishes done. Pasta in 50% seawater, dishes in 100%.
All boat electronics are off. :-) Only things drawing power is fridge, stereo and VHF. KISS.

Mon 20 Jun
Same, same. Haven't touched the setup for several days. A slight cloud cover today as we are a little closer to the H ridge. The wind is determining where we go. Looks like we will be crossing the S tip of Grand Banks before heading a little N to head for Ireland. Keeping a little S so not to get too far into the ice zone.

Tue 21 June
05:00 Wind angle takes us across the southern part of Grand Banks. As we transition the ledge we experience lumpy seas and fog. Going from 3000m depth to less than 100m in the course of 30nm.
09:00 Another day but no sunshine, or visibility for that matter. (50-100m) SB reaching in 15kts. 1 reef and a bit of furl. Good balance.


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